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Made the Switch!

Well it is done, I have made the switch from PC to Mac and am so glad I did. I have worked with Macs in the past, but I have not owned one.

The money was worth it, I am so thrilled with the applications and the fact that I can do so much more with this OS.

Now, it is time to get productive and more creative :)


Back on Brightkite…


Back in April I talked about how I was taking a break from using Brightkite, well after this past weekend that all changed.  I find it easier to snap a photo on the iPhone and upload it Brightkite with a caption and let people comment on it.  The process is dead simple, easier than using twitpic and having the caption lost because clients do not pass it along.

So, with that being said, expect to see more activity from me on Brightkite.

Now I just wish that Apple would get around to approving the app changes so that the broken features are fixed – hurry up Apple!